How to Start a Blog Best Bloging Tips in 2020

How to Start a Blog

Wondering the way to start a blog? I’ve been blogging for 16 years and that i concentrate on simple. during this beginner’s guide, I’ll show you ways to start out a blog simply (and on a budget). No technical experience required. It’s easier and faster than you think!


  1. Decide what to blog about ( How to Start a Blog )

Choose a subject (a.k.a. niche) you enjoy. Otherwise blogging are going to be drudgery, and who wants that? Also, confirm you’ve got tons to mention . Blog required many contents to urge going and remain interesting.


  1. Choose a blogging platform ( How to Start a Blog )

Blogging platform puts words into blog form. WordPress is foremost popular. And widely known. Because the best. WordPress is free.


  1. Choose a number ( How to Start a Blog )

A host puts your blog on the web . The hosting company I’ve personally used, paid for, and recommend to beginners is Bluehost. The setup is fast and that they install WordPress for you automatically (Step 2). Plus, they need a money-back guarantee. Ready?


  1. Choose an idea ( How to Start a Blog )

Click a green Select button to settle on an idea . I prefer the selection Plus plan because it’s more unlimited features and includes domain privacy. Domain privacy keeps your contact information hidden from the general public .

  1. Choose a website name ( How to Start a Blog )

Your name is your web address (e.g. If you recognize what name you would like to use, enter it. If you’re unsure , click the link at rock bottom to settle on one later. I’m so glad they added the choose later option. Very handy.

  1. found out your account ( How to Start a Blog )

I call this part the Maze of the many Screens, but just follow the prompts and buttons. It’s quick. You’ll enter all the account setup-y things: contact info, package info, package extras (I uncheck them all), payment and password. After some questions on the character of your blog (all are changeable or skippable), you’ll be asked to select a topic . So, follow me to Step 7…

  1. Pick a topic ( How to Start a Blog )

You’re almost done! i like to recommend two themes: Astra or GeneratePress. Don’t worry, they’re both highly customizable in order that they don’t need to appear as if they are doing here.

Log into WordPress ( How to Start a Blog )

(Don’t see it? Click Account Login in your Bluehost confirmation email.)

The WordPress Dashboard is that the nerve center of your site. In dashboard customize your design, you’ll publish your posts, and manage all aspects of your blog.

The black column on the left may be a good indicator you’re within the WordPress Dashboard. (The remainder of the screen might look different. to not worry.)

View your site ( How to Start a Blog )

To see what your site seems like , type your domain into your browser’s address bar, or, from your WordPress Dashboard, hover over the house icon within the top left corner and click on Visit Site.

Remove your temporary domain ( How to Start a Blog )

Your site was found out on a short lived domain. this is often standard. Obviously you’ll want to modify to your permanent domain. How you are doing that depends on what you chose in Step 5 above.

Did you create a replacement domain? Activate it. Check your email inbox to seek out the domain activation email. Click the button inside to finish the activation process. Simple. Bluehost will automatically switch it for you.

Did you decide to settle on a website later? Register & assign it. In your Bluehost account, click Domains > Register within the left column. Enter the domain you would like , add it to your cart and complete your purchase. (If you chose the selection Plus plan, there should be a credit in your cart to form it free.) Now attend Domains > Assign and choose your new domain from the dropdown menu.

Did you employ an existing domain? Point it. Edit the name servers where your domain is registered. Here are instructions by registrar. If you grind to a halt , call Bluehost and they’ll walk you thru .

Secure your site with SSL ( How to Start a Blog )

Once your permanent domain is functioning , secure it. A secure site gives visitors peace of mind. It also keeps your site on Google’s good side.

You can tell if a site is secure or not by the way it’s within the address bar. An unsecure site begins with http:// but a secure site begins with https:// like so:

If you entered a replacement domain or opted to settle on one later in Step 5, log into your Bluehost account > My Sites. Locate the location you would like to activate the free SSL for. Click Manage. Open the safety tab. Under Security Certificate toggle the Free SSL ON.

Wait a couple of hours for the changes to require effect.

If you’re using an existing domain, contact the corporate where your domain is registered. Tell them you would like to secure your site with an SSL certificate.

Get started with WordPress ( How to Start a Blog )

This is an honest time to publish some basic pages. Doing so will bulk things up so design customizations are easier to form . It’s kind of like how it’s easier to ascertain the print on a balloon when it’s inflated.

Customize your blog design ( How to Start a Blog )

If you chose Astra or GeneratePress in Step 7 above, you’ve got tons of customization options. This video will show you ways to form some basic customizations in GeneratePress but applies to Astra also .

Launch your site (& remove the approaching Soon page)

Once you’re ready for your site to travel live, deactivate the approaching Soon page. Click the button at the highest of your Dashboard and follow the prompts:

Create content ( How to Start a Blog )

From here, specialise in consistently publishing new posts. One post every week may be a good start line , but quality is more important so adjust accordingly. Read what’s Content Marketing?


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